Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swim Party

Grandma Jane's pool club that she belongs to had a customer appreciation party in early August. There was a barbecue, lots of games, and lots of swimming. Everyone had a great time! The kids got to enter fun contests for things like bocce ball, ping pong, and the limbo. There were fun water races, a coin dive, and the biggest splash contest. Everyone won a prize of one kind or another, ate, laughed, and had a great day!



Joe playing Boccee ball

Lily racing Ricky

David in his ping pong match

Alexis racing along

Skate Camp

There is a fantastic skate park at 28th and B in Sacramento (that is actually what is it called...), and it just happens to be close to Grandma Jane's house. David loves to go and skate there if he gets the chance when visiting Grandma.

Even better than "just" skating there is to get to go to skate camp, which is exactly what David got to do toward the end of July. He stayed the week at Grandma's and skated his brains out, or at least he tried to!

Camp was really fun, he got to learn and improve upon some of his skills, and he got to be taught by a local pro skater, Matt Rodriguez! David was in skater's heaven.