Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Utah, week 2

Our second week in Utah was much quieter. Ez was teaching a class in San Diego, Alexis was in Grand Junction, CO for a few days, Lily was in Albuquerque, NM, and we took David to BYU Football Camp.

It was fun to have just Joe and Evelyn for a couple of days. One day we visited the little farm at Thanksgiving Point. The kids had a great time feeding and petting the animals. Joe even got his shorts chewed on by one of the calves! Their favorite part was the pony ride.

Joe feeding a very, very hungry friend

Evelyn wiping her hand after an animal licked her too much!

My favorite part of the week was a trip up to Ogden to visit my friend Emily and her wonderful kids. Emily was one of my earliest friends and it was fantastic to catch up with her after not seeing her in about 10 years. Unfortunately, a photo never happened. Boo!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Utah Trip

It was lots of fun to get together with the family in Utah. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures. There really were a lot.

Very creative hiding places...

Scott and Ez hoping the fire for dinner will start before the rain

Our family--last time we took a picture here, Joe was only 1 week old

The family toured the conference center, visited Temple Square, and the Beehive House

Evelyn liked making sure David's hair was always looking good
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Uncle Burgess was magical with keeping Claire happy

Add VideoJake was the funny MC of the family talent show
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Beautiful little Ellie

Lily loved having Aunt Meagan put some bling in her hair
Alexis and Sarah
Joe performing his Hug a Pug dance
Cute Emery