Monday, July 4, 2011

Utah Trip

It was lots of fun to get together with the family in Utah. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures. There really were a lot.

Very creative hiding places...

Scott and Ez hoping the fire for dinner will start before the rain

Our family--last time we took a picture here, Joe was only 1 week old

The family toured the conference center, visited Temple Square, and the Beehive House

Evelyn liked making sure David's hair was always looking good
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Uncle Burgess was magical with keeping Claire happy

Add VideoJake was the funny MC of the family talent show
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Beautiful little Ellie

Lily loved having Aunt Meagan put some bling in her hair
Alexis and Sarah
Joe performing his Hug a Pug dance
Cute Emery


The Eccles said...

Cute Pix Keri! When are we going to get together?