Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boy Scout National Jamboree

This summer I (David) will be going to the National Jamboree in West Virginia and taking a tour of many other states.  This is going to be a great experience.

At the 8-day Jamboree I will be white water rafting, hiking, shooting rifles, and doing many other scout activities.  I am excited to meet boys from around the U.S.

The rest of my trip, which is 2 more weeks, will include visiting Washington D.C., Mount Vernon, Philadelphia, NYC, Palmyra, Niagra Falls, and Ohio.  We will be visiting Cedar Point, an amusement park.  While in NYC, I will get to visit Time Square, the Financial District, the Statue of Liberty, and a Broadway show.

This trip is going to be an amazing experience and I cannot wait for it to begin.