Saturday, August 1, 2009

Woodlake Swim Club

Grandma Jane's mom swam there when she was a kid. Jane swam there when she was a kid. Ez swam there when he was a kid. And now my kids are swimming there too.

Jane got a memebership to the Woodlake Swim Club in Sacramento this year and has really enjoyed taking the kids there whenever they have visited her. The entire family went for a swim on July 11th. We brought lunch and barbecued hot dogs. The kids swam and jumped and played in the pool. Dad and the kids played some ping pong. We finished off the visit with some ice cream from the snack bar. It was a fun day.




Joe and Evie

David and Ez





Ez and I took Alexis, David, and Lily on a special trip to San Francisco to see Wicked! on July 8th. We had a fantastic time, and the kids absolutely loved the show. Alexis had the same reaction as I did my first time seeing it--as it was over and she was appluading, she told us she wanted to go again! Perhaps next year!


Each of the kids brought their own blanket to sit on to watch the fireworks on the 4th. Joe wanted no help in laying out his blanket, but he couldn't quite figure out how the breeze factored in to getting it down straight.

It was fun to watch him shake and lay and shake and lay and try for quite a while. Finally he was willing to accept a bit of help, but I sure loved watching him do it on his own!

4th of July

We celebrated the 4th in our typical fashion of the past few years. We got up early and headed to the ward breakfast, ate good food, and visited with friends. The kids enjoyed the fun activities, like a watermelon eating contest, a cherry seed spitting contest, a bubble gum chewing contest, and water balloon toss. Our afternoon was spent relaxing at home, swimming, and barbecuing!

The best part of the day, of course, is in the evening. We head toward downtown to watch the fireworks. There is a nice spot we head to each year, where we meet up with a number of friends from the ward to snack and visit for a couple of hours prior to the fireworks. It has been a great time in the past, and this year did not appoint! The fireworks show was great as well, I think it was better than last year's.

Lily reading and waiting

Alexis, Anna, Claire, Ashley, Emily


David Annabel and Lily

Evie and her Cheetos face