Monday, June 20, 2011


It is summer break! School ended June 7th, Joe turned 6 on the 8th, and then we took off on vacation on the 10th. Already our summer is a busy one. We had a family reunion with Keri's parents, aunt and uncle, and siblings, spouses, and their kids out in Midway, Utah from the 10th-17th.

We all had a nice time visiting, playing, laughing. We spent a day in Salt Lake City where we visited the Conference Center, the Beehive House, and Temple Square. We also spent time in Kamas, at a really fun indoor swimming facility. All the cousins enjoyed an unbirthday party, where each cousin got a small little gift and we gobbled up yummy cupcakes. The adults were completely entertained by a fabulous talent show (which brought many. many laughs). We celebrated Alexis's birthday as well. It was a pretty fantastic week.

The fun didn't end there, either! Alexis went back to Colorado with Jolie and her kids so she and Sarah can play a few extra days. Lily drove home to Albuquerque with Grandma Val and Grandpa Brant for a whole week. Ez flew home to Vacaville, and I am still in Utah, but in the the city of Sandy.

I drove David out to BYU early this morning so he could attend Football Camp for the week. We are so excited for him to have this opportunity. He is staying on campus and will have some really neat opportunities and experiences. It is a bit odd to be hanging out with just Evelyn and Joe for a couple of days!