Monday, June 20, 2011

No Excuses

Well, it has been far too long since we have visited and updated our blog--not without regret, of course. Originally the excuse was something having to do with vacations, but then life just got busier and the excuses kept piling until trying to catch up on the blog just got ignored.

I really will not attempt to catch up on this much lost time. In short, we are all still here, just a little older. Alexis just turned 13 and finished the 7th grade, and has entered teenage life with braces as well. David is 11 1/2 and heading into 6th grade and continues to stay busy with sports. Lily turned 8 in March, got baptized in April, and is looking forward to 3rd grade. Joe just turned 6. We were glad he had a great kindergarten year and are pleased to see his reading skills take off. Evelyn is nearly 4 and had a fun year at preschool. She is pleased to let everyone around know that she now can ride her bike with ONLY two wheels! It is amazing to see how much our family has grown in a little over a year!

Keri spent the last school year as PTC President over at the elementary school. Not sure what possessed her, outside of the idea that she might have something to offer. In short, it was far busier and more frustrating than ever imagined, but good things did happen. Keri (and the rest of the family) is glad that she did not sign up for another year of helping.

Ez continues to stay busy at work and with his church calling. He has taken up running and has found it to be an activity he really enjoys.

I suppose that is the best quick job we can do! Hope to be back a little more often with updates!


The Eccles said...

WOW! I am happy to see you update! Looks like things are good...we need to catch up! Let me know if you guys want to do pictures...I am always up for it and really like the practice. (and you don't have to feed me, I work for free)