Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Days Before Christmas

We of course had lots of fun the few days prior to Christmas, who doesn't? We were busy cleaning and cooking and crafting and playing. On the 19th David and Lily went to Grandma's for a slumber party and to go to a play at the B Street theater. We were meeting them and Grandma at church on Sunday, so Alexis and I decided it was the perfect chance to have a play date with some friends.

Saturday morning Alexis helped me make a bunch of sugar cookies, and that evening Emma and Marissa came to play. They played Dream Life, ate home made pizza, decorated cookies, and giggled--it was a perfect evening for a few friends.

Evie loves to help unload the helpful!

Alexis making the sugar cookies

Evie tasting the dough

Joe crafting

Evie enjoying the sprinkles Joe so generously shared with her

On Monday night I took the kids to deliver plates of Christmas goodies do some caroling to a few friends. It was fun for me to take them since I remember doing the same thing with my family years ago. We made it easy and sang a verse of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, but we had lots of fun.

We also got our first package of Christmas gifts from family on Monday. It is always a hugely thrilling moment, especially because I had not put a single gift under the tree yet! I was so afraid Evie and Joe would terrorize the gifts, but they pretty much left them alone--it was our oldest who was the biggest offender! Alexis just couldn't wait to open gifts and kept picking them up and shaking them, begging to open "just one".

The large boxes from the packages kept the kids entertained for a while. Just the right size for young children to hide in--they were surprise gifts for dad!

Joe thinks being shut into a box will be great fun

Lily's not sure she likes this idea

Apparently Evie is indifferent

As for me, I had way procrastinated on the gifts I was planning on making for the kids, so I was up until 2 in the morning sewing for 3 nights in a row. It might not have been too bad if Evelyn wasn't in a terrible habit of waking up each morning at 5:25 on the dot.

It was a busy and tiring few days, but well worth it! We had lots of fun together and got everything done!